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PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:48 am 
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(This contest was mentioned earlier in MyFFXI's The NM Issue 66.)

Toall MyFFXI.com members only, we here at MyFFXI.com have decided to dosomething fun for those who didn't get a chance to get a ticket for theFinal Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2008 this year. I give you the first everMyFFXI.com contest, The MyFFXI.com Screenshot Scavenger Hunt! The eventwill start on November 26, 2008.


Therewill be a list of screenshots you must take and turned in to aspecified email address below. Each screenshot will have a specificrequirement. You must meet the requirement for it to count. Turn in asmany off the list, you can only turn in what you have once, so makesure you have collected as many screenshots as you can to the emailgiven below before the due time of December 31, 2008, midnight when theNew Year's Ball drops in New York City. Good luck.


Justfollow what is asked for, for each screenshot, by the end of the yearor whoever completes the list first. The first to complete the listbefore the end of the year will be the winner. If no one completes thelist before the end of the year, the one who turns in the mostscreenshots will be the winner. If there is a tie on the number ofscreenshots turned in, there will be a secret bonus screenshot to turnin, the first to turn in that screenshot will be the winner. Thesescreenshots will not be easy to obtain, so have fun trying to get them.


The winner will receive a brand new Tidal Talisman and the reward code for the in-game item. It will be sent to the winner before the in-game reward code expiration date of February 28th, 2009, to any country, if needed. (We know how some of you players from other countries can not order the Tidal Talisman so this is your chance to win it.)Upon request, if the winner is worried that he or she will not receive the package before that date, we can email the winner the reward code but we will need the winner’s permission to open the box to get to it.

Mayaseven says: "Ihave a few extra of these around my house, so I thought I would giveone away as a prize, the others I'll just place on ebay."


1. You must be a MyFFXI.com registered member to qualify to play. If you are not one, just become one, it’s free.

2. Each screenshot must have your in-game character with your character’sname floating above, seen clearly, in each shot to receive credit.

3. Once you email your screenshots, that will end your game, (you only get1 chance) you can not turn in anymore screenshots after that, so besure to get as many screenshots collected before you decide you can’tfind anymore on the list below. (It would be great if you compressedthe screenshots into an attached folder in the email to save place.)

4. Label each screenshot you are sending in, so we know what you aretrying to get credit for.
(Option 1, Example: file named 8979475.jpg does notcount. Please name it as your MyFFXI username and the number off thescreenshot list you are turing in. Example: Shewolf2.jpg if it was ascreenshot of a waving GM.
Or Option 2, just email the screenshots as is but with a typed out list of what you are turning.)

5. Each screenshot must have what the requirement is or the item in the screenshot, seen clearly, to receive credit.

6. You will not receive credit for multiple screenshots of the samerequired item or requested requirements. Only 1 will count, go findsomething else on the list.

7. No photoshopping or editing your screenshots or not anything that may look like a dat file mod, those will not count.

8. Each screenshot must say "Copyright 2002-2008 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. AllRights Reserved." at the bottom for it to count, so your screenshotmust not have no menus of stats on the screen.

9. Email your entries at...
Remember you can only turn in what you've collected once. That lets usknow you have collected all the screenshots you can and you arethrowing in the the towel to quit the hunt.


OK be the first to complete the following list (the email you send inwill be time stamped) or have the most turned in before the due time ofThe New Year's Ball dropping in New York City of December 31, 2008,midnight to win. Remember we made the list very hard but 95% thescreenshots are possible to make by a level 1 character. The winnerwill be announced sometime during the first week of January 2009. Thereis a total of 75 screenshots to take. Remember your character must bein each screenshot but do as what the screenshot requires. If it saysto you that you must be wearing something or doing something, do it. Ifit says "someone", then it can be you or someone else. What may soundlike an easy screenshot may be hard to get and what may sound like ahard one may be easy, so be creative and read between the lines, LOL...Good Luck. (NOTE: All things on the list marked with a "*" can be doneby a Lv.1 character without even leaving a town.)

1. *Get a screenshot of you (head to feet) standing in front of an Auction House with on one else there.

2. *Find a GM waving. (Warning: If you do a GM call for them to do this or you might get puninshed for a non-emergency call.)

3. *Find someone dead in any town in full AF gear.

4. Find someone naked and with no weapons fighting an NM with the word "THE" in the NM's name.

5. *Get a screenshot 11 or more NPCs in it.

6. *Get a screenshot of 2 players using their 2 hour ability at the same time.

7. *Get a screenshot of 2 Maat’s Caps.

8. *Get a screenshot of a Moogle Cap and a Nomad Moogle Cap.

9. *Find 2 other players that has their names starting with the first 3 letters of your character’s name.

10. Get a screenshot of 2 tiger NMs.

11. *Get a screenshot of 10 Tarutarus wearing the same colored linkpearl.

12. *Get a screenshot with all 3 nation flags in it.

13. *Get a screenshot with a male and female hume, male and femaletarutaru, a male and female elvaan, a mithra and a galka all wearingthe same colored linkpearl and no one is wearing any head gear.

14. *Get a screenshot of 5 players standing from left to right wearinga linkpearl in rainbow colored order. In this order, red, orange,yellow, green, blue.

15. Find an NPC of the same race, face and is wearing all the same body gear as you.

16. *Get a screenshot of 6 Optical Hats.

17. *Find someone with a Moogle Rod. You can not be the one wearing it.

18. *Find an Excalibur Sword.

19. *Get a screenshot of a Federation Aketon , Kingdom aketon, Republic Aketon and 3 Dream Hats.

20. *Find someone dressed in costume as a baby chocobo. (Yes, there is an item that can turn a player into one.)

21. *Find someone with the same name as you but spelled backwards. (Example: Shewolf and Flowehs.)

22. Find a galka in full Dancer AF gear that is dancing, while riding an airship.

23. *Find an airship and a clock together.

24. Get a screenshot of 6 players riding an airship with the same color linkpearl having all of them dancing.

25. *Get a screenshot of 5 fireworks going off in it.

26. *Find a Red Full Moon.

27. Find an owl.

28. Get a screenshot of someone getting struck by lightning.

29. Find a dolphin.

30. *Find a wooden chocobo.

31. Get a screenshot of someone standing in a tornado.

32. Get a screenshot of someone's head underwater.

33. *Find a Harpsicord playing a song.

34. *Find a Timepiece playing a song.

35. *Get a screenshot of 3 Tidal Talismans shining.

36. Find a feather that is not from a head gear or chocobo.

37. Get a screenshot of any Crag while you are not touching the earth.

38. Get a screenshot of Jeuno through the airship pilot's window.

39. Find a tail of a Maw.

40. *Find a Goblin standing or stepping on someone dead.

41. *Find a raindow.

42. *Get a screenshot of your character without seeing your character's torso but must see your head and feet.

43. Get a screenshot of 2 Wyverns, one on each side of you with no Dragoons to be seen.

44. *Get a screenshot of a Tarutaru that is taller than any other race.

45. *Get a screenshot of you floating in the air.

46. *Find someone that looks like they are duel wielding 2 Kraken Clubs.

47. *Find someone standing up with their eyes closed.

48. *Get a screenshot of as many players standing in order, using onlytheir first letter of their character's name to spell your character'sentire name.

49. Find a red gun (ranged weapon).

50. *Find someone with a blue colored weapon that is not a staff, polearm or sword.

51. *Find someone with a red colored weapon that is not a polearm, staff or ranged weapon.

52. *Get a screenshot of 10 players standing in a bowling pin formation.

53. *Get a screenshot of you and 2 other players holding hands.

54. *Find bubbles.

55. *Get a screenshot of 6 Scorpion Harnesses.

56. *Find 3 players with a "?" icon next to their character's name.

57. Find an NPC with the letters "X" & "I" in their name.

58. *Get a screenshot of someone with the words "Level Down" while dying in any town.

59. Find someone wearing any piece of WHM AF gear using the "Provoke" ability.

60. *Find a green looking Maat's Cap.

61. *Find a NPC holding a test tube.

62. *Find 2 pots with a glowing lamp above them.

63. *Find a microscope.

64. *Find a manniquin.

65. *Get a screenshot of a fish thats not in the water. (Monsters do not count.)

66. *Get a screenshot of 5 Mentors.

67. Get a screenshot of a redish glowing Orcish Warmachine.

68. Get a screenshot of someone with Angelwings falling off a cliff.

69. Get a screenshot of you standing in an area of giant mushrooms. (Monsters do not count.)

70. *Find someone in full Relic gear.

71. *Get a screenshot of 6 players in full AF gear but it must be thesejobs only, 1 of each, WHM, BLM, RDM, MNK, THF and WAR.

72. *Get a screenshot of you with stone wings.

73. *Get a screenshot of someone with the words "Level Up" when they level, it can not be you.

74. *Get a screenshot of a full moon in front of your character's name as if it was your linkpearl icon.

75. *Find a heart.

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