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PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 11:23 am 
The Eventress

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*Attending a Full Run (1pt): Showing up and staying for an entire run.

*On Time Bonus (1pt): Attendance will be done at the cutoff time. If you are late this bonus will not apply to you. This is to encourage folks to get their AFKs done prior to the run, and so we can roll out on time.

*Winning Run Bonus (1pt): Clearing the run and attaining a chip from the final amoury crate.

*Lottery Bonus (2x Earned pts!): If we clear the run and attain a chip from the final armoury crate, the run leader will /random. If the roll lands at 900+ everyone attending that run will double their earned points from that run.

*Proto-Omega Runs (4pts): Those attending an Omega run and not choosing to comment Homam will gain a bonus point on top of the standard point gains for that run (for a total of 4pts if we win). Members who have commented will not earn standard points for that run, and may be subject to a point deduction based on the run (see below).


*Proto-Omega Lotting (-3~5pts + Item Cost):

DH kills Proto-Omega directly. To lot on Homam gear you're asked to spend from 3~5pts to be eligible to lot. This does not include the point values of the items themselves.

If a commented Homam peice is won, 5pts in addition to the full item cost will be deducted from your points, if a commented Homam peice is lotted, but isn't won, 3pts will be deducted. If a commented Homam peice does not drop at all, no points are deducted, however no new points are attained.

You cannot comment an item if you do not have enough points to cover the full item cost and the 5pt comment fee. Additionally, you can only comment one item per run.

If for any reason an Omega part drops that nobody has commented, it will be free lot among the members who have commented other Proto-Omega drops, but have not won. These items will still hold full point value and the member must have enough points to cover the cost. Someone who has already won an item on that run will not be able to lot on a free lot item unless no other members who have commented are interested in lotting on the free lot part.

If no members who have commented are interested, it will go free lot to the remainder of the shell at full point cost, with special consideration going to those currently, and actively leveling Homam jobs.

Current Homam Point Values:
Homam Head- 20pts
Homam Body - 30pts
Homam Hands - 25pts
Homam Legs - 30pts
Homam Feet - 25pts


*Proto-Ultima Lotting (-30pts):

DH does not kill Proto-Ultima directly. We will be handing out Ultima pops on a rotational basis to members that have Nashira wishlisted. They will spend 30 pts per chip set when it is their turn. After they receive the chip set, it is then in their hands to seek out a linkshell they feel comfortable with.

Depending on the deal you strike with the shell of your choosing it would be nice if you could invite along the other Nashira wishlisters if they're after Nashira from an alternate slot that you're trying for, so that the pop isn't a total waste if the item you're after doesn't drop.


Update History

5/28/2009 - If anyone should miss a month or more worth of Limbus (8 runs or more runs in succession), your point status will move to "inactive". You must attend 3 standard Limbus runs prior to being able to lot Homam and Nashira gear once again.

8/31/2009 - Simplified the lotting rules for Homam armor, nothing other than the wording and layout was changed, same rules apply. Updated section for Ultima drops to outline the new chip set rotation system.

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