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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:19 pm 
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As my co-worker is swearing off Wow lately I've been looking at articles on mmo-quitting, which generally just make me want to play ffxi more strangely. And got me to looking at articles on why playing makes life better :lol: . here's one that made me feel my ffxi hours were more justified. These match up with 5 things I hate about reality.

http://mmogames.com/gamenews/1713/5-rea ... -real-life

5 Reasons Your MMO Life is Better Than Your Real Life
posted by: Ron Keith Fri 4th Jun 2010

5 Reasons Your MMO Life is Better Than Your Real Life

No one has to tell you MMOs are fun. You love your MMO. But do you sometimes wonder if you love your MMO a little too much? Has your significant-non-gaming-other accused you of spending too much time in your fantasy world? Are you thinking about socializing even more with real life human beings? Do you have doubts?

Don't. Stop it. Cast those doubts aside. There are many good reasons why you love your MMO life, and many good reasons why you love it perhaps a little bit more than your real life.

1. No one prejudges you in an MMO.
In real life, people start judging you the moment they look at you. Short, fat and bald loses to tall, dark and handsome almost every time. Tall men with hair run Fortune 500 companies and lead nations, while short, bald guys lead the accounting department... if they're lucky.

And it's even worse if you're a woman. Cute girls get fewer traffic tickets and seldom pay for drinks. Fresh-out-of-college Racy Tracy gets the plum communications job, while Plain Jane gets the under-paid library job. And you'd better not be carrying around any extra weight. Uh uh. Not if you're female. Society has rules about that.

People categorize and compartmentalize you the moment they lay eyes on you. Sorry. It's a bitter fact of life. Life isn't fair and one of the reasons it's not fair is people prejudge you.

No one prejudges you in an MMO because they can't. Whether you're fat or old or geeky or have horrible facial lesions, no one knows. In an MMO you're perfect, because all the characters are perfect. You're strong and beautiful. And so is everyone else. What's to prejudge?

2. You never get picked last for basketball.
In an MMO you can run and jump and fight forever. If you can press keys on a keyboard and move a mouse, you're in. No one is left behind or chosen last for a dungeon run just because their parents rolled snake eyes at the genetics craps table.

You say you can't dribble. You can't run fast. You can't dunk. Who cares? Can you tank? Can you heal? Of course you can.

3. Conformity is for the weak.
Real life: Don't play your music too loud or you'll disturb the neighbors. Don't trick out your car, because Johnny Law is more likely to pull you over for speeding. Please, no jeans at work; we require a suit and tie. On and on. Every day of your life you're told not to stand out. If you're not a celebrity, there's not a lot of tolerance for dressing a little different or defining your own style. (How many of you took out your metal for your first job interview?)

Suit and tie, a brown Buick and one ticket to middle age, please.

MMO life: Every hour of every day of your MMO life you're looking for ways to look different. Awesome armor with spikes. Glowing fire swords. Flying mounts. Huge, water spirit pets. You will spend hours, days, in game seeking out that rare item that so few people have, the item that will make you stand out from the crowd.

You love it. People in the game love it. Your MMO life lets you be you.

4. Your hard work is rewarded.
There are no guarantees in real life. If you work hard maybe you'll get a promotion. If you save your money, maybe you'll be able to retire someday. If you get a degree, maybe you'll get your dream job. Real life is full of a lot of maybes: a lot of long hours and hard work can often translate into bubkes.

That blows. No wonder people used to sit on the sofa letting TV suck their brains dry.

There are no drooling, couch potatoes in MMOs, though, because MMOs reward you for your hard work. If you do the missions, finish the quests, you're rewarded with coin and experience. No boss decides to give the promotion (rewards) to his son-in-law at the last moment. No, you know what you have to do to get ahead in your MMO. No maybes about it.

5. You can be a hero.
Life offers few opportunities to be a hero. You want to slay the dragon and rescue the pretty girl (Or hunky guy, if you prefer.), but about the most challenging thing life usually sends your way is trying not to fall asleep while the boss drones on about being part of a team. (If he played an MMO, maybe he'd know what being part of a team really is.)

Your MMO life gives you a chance to be a hero every night. You actually can slay dragons in MMOs. You can blow up the Borg cube before it gets to Earth. You can be the cleric that keeps your party alive in the Fire Temple. You can be the bright wizard who burns down the witch elf assassin trying to kill your rune priest. You can be the hero.

Whichever game you're playing, there's always a chance to be a hero. Who doesn't love that?

And those are just a few of the reasons your MMO life is better than your real life. There are plenty more and you probably have some of your own. So don't feel guilty about spending time in your MMO. It's a good place to be. Just don't forget to have a beer with your real life friends and visit the family once in a while.

I remember as a kid people would sometimes talk about how someday we would have 'virtual reality' and you'd just put on your glasses or plug in your brain and be having adventures all day, how great it would be to be happy all day with no consequences. Funny how the closer we get to that point, the more people shun it and tell you to get outside and 'get a life' as if before mmorpgs existed everyone was out frolicking in the grass happily holding hands.

Life's for the living so live it or you're better off dead.\
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:08 pm 
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What's not addressed is how there are many that bring their real life mentalities into MMOs.

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